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Stace Massengill began GCM in 2011 with the launch of the “GC” video series. After hosting 7 seasons of the web-based video ministry, he retired The GC to pursue new avenues of spreading the gospel message. Currently, GCM’s continued online presence is mostly in the form of blogs.

What Is A Kingdom Hero?

Dennis Pruett

If you want to know what a Kingdom Hero looks like, just look at the photo to the right…

Our most recent winner of the Kingdom Hero award goes to Dennis Pruett! He recently found out a new coworker was homeless. So, taking to Facebook, he raised money to put the man in an extended stay motel temporarily so he could get on his feet. Thanks for answering the call to excellence, Dennis!

The term “Kingdom Heroes” originated with a GC episode by that name. (tap HERE to watch) Eventually, that identity was featured in the ministry’s social media sites:

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