What’s Going On @ the Pointe?


God has truly been quite generous to our fellowship in recent weeks. Since the resignation of Pastor Mike, we have seen the amazing providence of our Lord, and we are so grateful!

Filling the Gaps

In the pulpit and on the praise team, we’ve had a number of people step up and insure that there is no lacking on Sunday mornings. Susan Shewbridge and much of her family and friends have been huge blessings to our worship experience. And ministers of the word like John Davell, Eric Shewbridge, and Aaron Watts have stepped up to the pulpit.

Church Leadership

We have also been blessed with added stability to our church leadership with the addition of Mark Northcutt as our Interim Senior Pastor. Pastor Mark brings with him a history of experiece and servitude in the AG and our district, as well as his involvement with the ministries of Wellspring Living and the Atlanta Dream Center.

What these blessings have meant to our church is difficult to express in words, but the recent additions to our personnel have been invaluable, to say the least. All we can do is thank God for His abundance of grace and mercy, and we continue to praise Him for His goodness. Our Board of Elders has also been instrumental in maintaining a level of consistency and smoothness during this transitional period. Please let them know personally how much they are appreciated by telling them so whenever you have the opportunity.

Transition Team

The group charged with helping find our next pastor meets weekly at GPCC. This team consists of the church’s board of elders and other church members of different viewpoints to represent the core of our fellowship. The team will select the prospective candidate(s), who will be invited to preach. To become pastor, a candidate must be approved by two-thirds vote of the elders. Afterwards, there will be an affirmation vote by members of the congregation. Any questions can be directed to a board member.

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